Being able to power things by converting sun rays is no mystery. More and more people around the world are trying to make the switch to the sustainable source over electricity generated by coal or hydro power. But do we really know how it works. Let’s look at the basic concept and how to maintain it.

Basic concept

Specially developed cells turn sunlight in to energy which is electricity through a system called Photovoltaics. The cells that are used are made of a material called semiconductors. Scientifically they are identified as a material that consumes light and releases electrons in turn. The electric current that is created can be harnessed and used to power homes and other devices. For this purpose several cells are put together to make a system that can be practically used. Many homes and industries are making huge long-term benefits by installing these systems at their properties. However it is not as simple as getting conventional electricity to your homes, the systems need to be looked after and cared for if it is to serve you for a longer period of time.

Maintaining the system

Like any other significant investment made on equipment, these systems too need to be maintained for correct operations, efficiency and long term use. Unlike some equipment like generators, the photovoltaic systems do not have moving parts that need to be replaced and checked. There is also little risk of rust and other issues creating problems, however solar panel cleaning, is a must. Maintaining the cells and doing regular checkups for any debris that can block or coat the cells need to be made. Therefore cleaning becomes a major part of the maintenance process. If you live in a region that is dry and dusty, chances are the cells could get pretty dirty very fast. If the surrounding area has trees can cause a concern, because trees attract birds and their droppings can be a major problem as they can block the sun rays from getting properly absorbed.

It is popular to see these systems used in public spaces such as roads and car parks as well. Birds’ nests and their occupants can really cause some damage and disturbance if they are not regularly maintained. In terms of taking care of these units, the easiest and the first approach to take is to remove any dust and other debris using a hose. This could get rid of most of the clutter that can coat these cells and cause disruptions in sun ray abortion. If there are thick layers however you might need to use a sponge with a mild soap to get rid of thick layers or stubborn grime or other matter. Alternatively you can hire solar panel cleaners Perth to do the job for you.

As you can see maintaining them is not a difficult task, however if you have several or use them for industrial use, then getting professional help can save you a lot of time and money. Whatever the approach you take, it is important that you understand that without an organised and planned approach to maintenance these systems will not be able to perform to their maximum capacity.